6 New Ways to Use QR Codes: From Business Cards to Real Estate Signage

Overlooked places QR codes can foster engaging customer experiences.

QR codes are everywhere — billboards, menus, packaging, flyers…..The limit to how and where to use QR codes is boundless. They're also used by almost every vertical imaginable — CPG, alcohol, restaurants, cannabis, fashion, and more. Yet there are still many overlooked places to use QR. These include business cards, events, inserts, home appliances, and real estate signage. However, because of their universality, adding QR and contextual landing pages to your marketing strategy to drive lower funnel conversions should be done with careful thought and intention to provide tailored customer experiences. 

1. Bridge the physical to digital at events

Events, conferences, and trade shows are great places to interact with customers in person. Still, brands need a clever, sales-optimized strategy that links customers to their online content. Placing QR codes on banners, table toppers, stickers, sell sheets, and more make it easy to share relevant offers, surveys, and core product details. For example, brands can direct consumers to QR-linked mobile landing pages that aggregate and presents its social channels, videos, customer reviews, and other interactive content to help them better understand what is offered and choose what they’re interested in.


Drive customer engagement at every event you attend

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2. Get creative with QR package inserts


Okay, so QR on your package inserts might not be revolutionary. Still, it's time to stop sending customers to your brand's homepage. It's a poor experience for you and your customers. Customers want helpful, informative content about the product, such as how to use it or where to repurchase it. And you should want to know what content and information your customers are interested in from the physical world. That means giving customers an experience that meets their needs and includes a clear call to action to achieve your business objectives while providing actionable insights

This is particularly important for brands that sell through a third-party retailer or etailers like Amazon or Etsy. When you sell through these channels, you cannot access customer information. You don't know who your customers are and cannot reach them directly.

The secret? Add QR codes linked to mobile-landing pages explicitly built to achieve your objectives. This provides customers with relevant content whenever they scan the QR code and gives you an always-on marketing channel. Communicate information directly to your customers, disintermediating retailers and etailers. Use the contextualized pages to share recipes, and reviews, upsell similar products in your catalog and offer coupon codes in exchange for customers' email addresses.

While you can’t send shoppers to your non-Amazon-affiliated online store or circumvent the Amazon sales process, you start newsletters and email campaigns to reach these users again. Additionally, share instructional videos, user manuals, and other helpful resources that can improve their overall experience.

QR + conversion-optimized landing pages are a win-win for you and your customers. It will increase overall conversions 20-40x and ensure customers have a positive experience with your brand.


Stop linking a QR to your homepage

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3. Add QR to product packages

Today's consumers are conscientious and critical of the products they are buying. Roughly 77% of shoppers research products on their mobile phones before making a purchase.

Putting information, the consumers need at their fingertips when they need it streamlines the path to purchase. However, it's impossible to fit every detail on a product package. Adding QR codes to products and packaging simplifies sharing relevant information with consumers past the label. To be effective, QR codes should connect to a mobile-first landing page that provides relevant, contextual information.

With Digphy, brands can integrate traceability information via GS1, .xls, and blockchain via their Storyline pages to show, not tell, customers, looking to verify their claims. Additionally, QR-linked landing pages create a new marketing channel for brands to connect and engage with customers. Make it simple for consumers to access how-to videos, customer testimonials, related products, recipes, and the list goes on. There's no limit to what businesses can communicate with customers. Shoppers no longer need to spend time Googling information or finding customer reviews. It's one scan that elevates the entire brand experience.


4. Make business cards interactive

Bring your business card to life digitally. Make it easy for the people you connect with to access your website or contact information. Instead of typing in a website or phone number, QR codes on business cards can provide a quick and easy one-click way for potential clients or customers to access your website or contact information. By scanning the code, they can add your details to their phone's address book or visit your website with just a few taps.

5. QR increases real estate's showing rate


QR + relevant, mobile-first landing pages are powerful marketing tools that can help real estate companies improve their visibility, enhance the customer experience, and generate leads. 

Adding QR codes to "For Sale" signs gives prospective buyers instant access to property information, including photos, videos, virtual tours, and detailed property descriptions. Simplify the discovery process for new home buyers by removing friction and ensuring quick conversions.

Additionally, the code can direct buyers where to schedule property viewings, streamlining the entire process. Real estate companies and leasing agents can use QR codes to track difficult-to-obtain data like which properties generate the most interest, which marketing channels are most effective, and which audiences engage with their content. Gather data and insights on who's viewing the listings by dropping your Meta Pixel and Google Analytics Tag on the landing pages. Remarket to those users that scan and reach others that look like them extending your audience reach and target demographic. Capture the customer's email address through opt-in forms that allow you to share other relevant listings with interested buyers, increasing chances of making a sale or leasing.

6. Share product information for home electronics


QR codes can significantly enhance the customer experience regarding consumer electronics and home appliances. QR codes can provide easy access to product-specific information such as user manuals, set-up guides, product details, and troubleshooting guides. Make it effortless for consumers to replace parts or make service calls. Remove the need for customers to spend endless hours scouring the internet for answers or wasting time reading unnecessarily long PDFs. Adding QR and conversion-optimized landing pages to your appliances so customers can seamlessly scan the QR code and instantly access necessary information improves customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Additionally, QR codes increase the overall usability of products by providing consumers with interactive tutorials and how-to videos. For complex products such as smart home appliances, where users may need additional guidance on how to set up and use the product, QR is beneficial. Finally, customers can scan a QR code to quickly and easily register their product, verify their warranty, or contact customer support.

Digiphy amplifies QR-marketing

QR + conversion-optimized, mobile-friendly landing pages are critical of a brand's modern marketing strategy to capture and keep consumers' attention and purchasing power. 

Digiphy QR codes paired with dynamic, mobile-friendly Storyline pages that help achieve business objectives are valuable for brands looking to connect with customers and provide them with the information they need. It's a missed opportunity to omit QR codes from your packaging and marketing assets across the user journey with your brand. Ensure that every moment you engage customers helps you drive conversions, whatever those conversions may be - collect valuable insights, send promotions, capture zero-party data, gather reviews, grow your customer base, increase trust, boost product registrations, and extend your outreach using Digiphy. 

Create & connect in minutes & revise often

Build contextual, mobile-first Storyline pages without coding skills or hiring expensive developers. Our modular templates and interactive elements mean brands can tailor pages to the unique moment in a customer's journey with the brand. Digiphy ensures you deliver the right content at the right moment regardless of where the consumer is when they scan. Build agency-like digital experiences for less money and a fraction of the time. 

One platform to do it all

Digiphy is a single platform that lets brands generate QR codes and connect each to a Storyline page without hiring a developer or outsourcing to an agency. Want to connect to your URL or another external page; Digiphy can do that too. Each QR code is dynamic and can be easily rerouted without reprinting packaging or assets to change the QR code. Update each Storyline page or direct to a new Storyline one without changing the QR code.

Capture data-driven insights 

Gather omnichannel customer data from every physical touchpoint. When you sell through retail, you have little to no understanding of who your customers are. Obtain this information seamlessly with Digiphy. Integrate your CRM and existing marketing tools directly into Digiphy to easily segment data for retargeting. Digiphy's in-platform reporting and analytics disintermediate third-party retailers allowing brands to directly engage customers and cultivate a holistic, x-platform of their audience with integrated attribution and remarketing capabilities.

QR codes are incredibly versatile. From social media ads to real estate, QR codes can make it easier for people to access information and promotions. For businesses, QR codes are a direct link to products or services, making it easier for potential customers to access information and make purchases. For customers, QR codes can provide a more tailored experience, allowing them to access the information they need quickly and easily. Incorporating dynamic QR codes + unique Storyline pages into the marketing strategy enhances customer experiences and engagement.




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