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A Comprehensive Guide to QR Code Generators

Learn about the top QR code generators, their features, and how your business can use them to connect with customers and drive engagement.

QR is reshaping today's digital landscape. According to recent studies, QR code scans increased by a staggering 433% in the last year alone. Businesses have a new way to connect with their audience due to the technology's widespread adoption and convenience.

However, the abundance of QR code generator options can leave businesses unsure of where to start or what each product offers. Brands need reliable QR code generators to connect the physical-to-digital easily. QR codes create unique, reliable ways for brands to drive customer interaction wherever they’re placed in the physical world. This blog post will explore some of the top QR code generators, their key offerings, and how they can help businesses leverage this powerful marketing tool to foster direct customer engagement

Which QR Code Generator is Right for Your Brand


Digiphy is an all-in-one QR marketing platform that combines no-code page building with dynamic QR code creation. The platform facilitates two-way communication between brands and consumers from every IRL touchpoint. Digphy's key offerings include the flexibility to connect to a URL or a Digiphy page even after the QR code has been printed, advanced analytics, lead capture, and the ability to integrate with various marketing automation tools. Built for businesses of all sizes, Digiphy offers several pricing tiers to match brands' needs.

QR Tiger

QR Tiger is an intuitive QR code generator for businesses big and small. Their platform allows users to generate QR codes quickly, with options to customize the design and track analytics. QR Tiger offers free and paid options, providing flexibility based on specific business needs. They offer both dynamic and static QR codes.

QR Code Monkey

QR Code Monkey is a simple and reliable QR code generator. It supports static QR codes and offers customization options such as color, size, and error correction levels. QR Code Monkey provides free and paid plans, with the paid version unlocking additional features and advanced analytics.

QR Stuff

QR Stuff is a comprehensive QR code generator platform that offers a wide range of customization options. The platform supports dynamic QR codes and provides numerous design templates for various branding needs. QR Stuff has free and paid subscription tiers, with the latter granting access to advanced features such as vector QR codes and higher-resolution downloads.


Beaconstac is a user-friendly QR code generator that supports dynamic QR codes. Beaconstac's key offerings include advanced analytics, lead capture, and the ability to integrate with various marketing automation tools. While they provide a free trial, their comprehensive services are primarily paid.

Visual Lead

Visual Lead offers an innovative QR code generator that emphasizes visual engagement. Businesses can create visually appealing QR codes embedded with images, logos, and colors to enhance brand recognition. Visual Lead offers a free trial for their service, but their more advanced features are available through paid subscriptions.


Like Digiphy, Flowcode's QR supports dynamic and static QR codes while also offering QR-connected link-in-bio (esque) pages. Flowcode has features like lead generation, social media integrations, and analytics. While a free plan is available, their advanced features require a paid subscription.


Go QR's code generator is fast and easy to use. Like other QR code generators, they offer customization options and error-level correction. Go QR's free plan has limited features but offers paid options that unlock additional functionalities and advanced analytics.


Scanova supports static and dynamic QR codes, with features such as lead capture, analytics, and the ability to create QR code campaigns. Scanova primarily offers paid plans with various pricing tiers based on the required features and usage volume.


Bitly offers a QR code generator as part of its comprehensive link management platform. Users can create QR codes that link to any URL or online content. The platform provides advanced analytics to track QR code scans and engagement metrics, enabling users to gain valuable insights into their QR code campaigns.

QR Alone Won't Drive Conversions

QR codes are merely an entry point; think of them as a doorway that connects customers to your online and digital content. While getting customers to scan your codes is solid brand interaction, it's only the tip of the iceberg for customer engagement. It signifies their active interest in your product or service. However, it's crucial to recognize that QR codes alone are not sufficient to drive customer conversions.

healthbeauty_loopsThe true potential lies beyond the QR code and your brand's ability to captivate and engage customers once they land at the intended designation. Here is where the customer decides to take action. Actions include making a purchase, sharing their email, signing up for a loyalty program, or providing feedback.

Connecting your QR codes to Digiphy Storylines—dynamic mobile-first landing pages are the key to taking your QR marketing efforts further. Using Digiphy Storylines, brands can share contextually relevant information such as offers, recipes, tutorials, reviews, and product traceability details at the moment customers need it. Easily edit and update pages in minutes based on new promotions and seasonal sales without changing the QR code that is already printed across packages and marketing assets. With Digiphy, businesses can captivate their audience, boost conversions, and create memorable experiences.

Pick the QR Code Generator That Does More for Your Brand

QR codes have evolved from simple scannable squares to powerful marketing tools that bridge the gap between offline and online experiences. By utilizing reliable QR code generators, businesses can unlock endless possibilities to directly engage their customers, drive conversions, and cultivate loyalty. Embrace the QR code revolution and take your marketing efforts to new heights with these innovative solutions.


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