Amazon Seller Marketing Strategy: Implement QR

Implement QR + page building into your selling strategy to harness the growth and sales you’ve had to bring shoppers to your brand’s online content and social media.

For anyone looking to open or start selling their goods online, third-party retailers like Amazon, Target, and other significant e-commerce marketplaces are easy ways to reach large groups of shoppers. And while that's great for getting up and running, relying solely on these retail giants is expensive in the long run.

Let's look at Amazon as an example

  • Individual plan fees
  • Professional plan fees
  • FBA fees, which vary based on unit size
  • FBA storage fees
  • Return processing fees

And that's just a handful of potential expenses. Additionally, if you're selling through third-party retailers, you're losing out on critical customer data and the opportunity to engage and connect directly with your shoppers.

Instead, implement QR into your selling strategy to harness the growth and sales you've had to bring shoppers to your brand's online content and social media.

Why use QR in your Amazon marketing strategy

QR-activated product packaging, inserts, and business cards included in purchases from third-party retailers encourage customer interactions. It shortens the distance between your brand and customers.

A single scan links your products to conversion-optimized landing pages that direct shoppers to your brand content, capture zero-party data, encourage reviews, and form deep customer connections.

Amazon Sellers Inline

Drive shoppers to your content — Not a third-party website

Third-party retailers are powerful selling platforms, but it's difficult for sellers to build a brand and loyal customer base. Once a shopper has found and purchased your products, QR included on the packaging or as an insert point them to your business's digital presence, like your online content and social media channels.

But don't just send them to your website's homepage. For a better customer experience, route buyers to a contextualized landing page made to convert, increase reorders, and share relevant info relating to their purchase.

It bypasses third-party retailers and offers the opportunity to build brand recognition and awareness. Customize QR codes to match your brand's colors and design; when scanned, users reach a matching contextualized landing page, creating a cohesive and consistent experience.


Stop sending shoppers your homepage. 

Find out why linking a QR code to your homepage creates a poor customer experience that lacks relevant and contextual information.

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Collect zero-party data

Privacy regulations and changes like GDPR, CCPA, and IDFA mean that brands can no longer rely on third-party cookies to target their audience digitally. That makes zero-party data, like email lists, vital. Yet, many brands have small or limited email databases, especially when selling through platforms like Amazon.

Adding to any purchase, QR codes linked to conversion-optimized landing page assets make it easy to gather data and interact with their customers. Capture valuable customer data such as demographics, purchasing habits, customer feedback, and preferences.

Additionally, it's easy to track QR codes. Sellers can see the number of scans, the location of the scan, and the devices used to scan it. Then use this data to develop targeted and effective marketing campaigns tailored to the specific needs and interests of the audience.


What is zero-party data? Why is it important?

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Encourage customer reviews

Reviews on online marketplaces are vital to attracting new customers and growing sales. Roughly 79% of US consumers go to Amazon to check product reviews before purchasing. Customer reviews instill social proof to build trust and credibility with potential shoppers.

QR codes on hang tags, inserts, and packaging send shoppers to the spot online for them to leave a review. Even make it retailer specific. If a customer buys your item on Amazon, the QR included in their purchase should allow them to write a review on Amazon and your website. Getting reviews in both places increases your reach while bringing them to your content.

Emotionally engage customers

QR creates an opportunity to reach your customers more personally and emotionally. Make the experience fun and engaging. Share product demonstrations, outfit ideas, recipes, how-to videos, or other useful content related to your brand. Help customers better understand your product and how they can use it by meeting them where they are when they need the information. QR-shared videos, quizzes, and tutorials are great ways to do this.

However, you shouldn't just drive to a YouTube or TikTok video; it should take customers to a branded contextualized page you control to watch or interact with your business. Reaching out to your customers with relevant, engaging information improves satisfaction and loyalty.

Stand out using QR

Third-party retailers like Amazon and Target have revolutionized the way we shop and opened a world of possibilities for entrepreneurs looking to start an online business. Adding a QR marketing strategy differentiates your brand and products from the competition and simultaneously builds a loyal customer base.

Start today with Digiphy

Building a QR marketing strategy may seem intimidating, but Digiphy makes it easy and stress-free.

Simple QR & page creation

Create contextual digital Storylines in minutes using our modular templates that direct shoppers to review sites, additional products, and engaging content. Build developer-level digital experiences for less money and in half the time. Update and revise Storylines to keep content fresh, share promotions, and more, leading to increased sales and conversions.

All-in-one platform

In one platform, you can generate a QR code in seconds. Then easily connect each to your Storylines without needing to hire a developer or have coding experience. You can update each Storyline or link the QR code to a different one without needing to change the QR code — which is especially helpful if you've already printed your QR codes.

Data-driven insights

Capture customer data with Digiphy. Gather valuable online and offline analytics and insights that are impossible to get from third-party retailers to inform your marketing strategies and make changes accordingly.

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