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Brewing Success: How Digiphy Drove a 27% Reorder Rate for Yazoo Yaupon

Learn how Yazoo Yaupon discovered the perfect blend of Digiphy QR + Storylines to double their reorder rates while educating consumers on the historic indigenous Yaupon tea tradition.


  • Challenge: Yazoo Yaupon needed a way to share the history and details of their tea directly with consumers. On top of that, they needed to understand while understanding who their customers were after a series of sold-out QVC appearances.
  • Solution: Yazoo added Digiphy QR + Storyline pages to all product packages to tell the history of Yaupon and their company story.
  • Results: Yazoo captured several hundred emails and achieved a reorder rate of 27%.

QR CodeYazoo Yaupon's Story

Rooted in sustainability and social good, Mississippi Delta-based tea company Yazoo Yaupon wants to reintroduce the historic indigenous Yaupon tea tradition. Yazoo affectionately calls it "America's First Cup!" because the Yaupon Holly plant is North America's only native caffeine source. Championing regenerative farming practices, Yazoo Yaupon sources their Yaupon tea leaves from local, family-owned farms to build up the Delta community, a major hub for Yaupon farming and tea production. Recently, QVC TV featured Yazoo Yaupon.


The challenge:

Yazoo Yaupon needed to educate their customer about the rich history and usage of Yaupon as well as encourage customer engagement and drive reorders. As a start-up trying to break into the tea and beverage CPG space, they are dependent on many third-party sellers. While Yazoo had a solid social media presence and a website, they identified a clear need to bridge the gap between their physical marketing efforts, products, and digital presence. Yazoo's goals were threefold:

  • Storytelling: Share the history of Yaupon tea, its connection to indigenous cultures, and the American Southeast.
  • Engagement: Develop a firm understanding of who their customers are so that they can effectively engage them from every product package and collect email addresses of their base to market directly, and create look-alike digital audiences on social.
  • Reorders: Make it easy for shoppers to reorder tea and drive sales.

QR codeDigiphy's Solution:

Yazoo Yaupon printed Digiphy QR codes across all product packages and connected each to Digiphy Storyline pages. The QR code directed customers to a mobile-first Storyline page. It included Yazoo Yaupon's history, the benefits of Yaupon tea, and shared tea recipes. The Storyline page had a convenient button for customers to reorder Yazoo Yaupon tea easily. Yazoo Yaupon also leveraged the email collection module as a pop-up on a scan.

Additionally, using Digiphy saved Yazoo Yaupon time and money typically spent on building digital experiences that required a developer. Digiphy's QR-marketing platform gave them the flexibility to create new content whenever needed without worrying about the cost and resources required.

QR code The results:

Yazoo Yaupon drove a 10% email opt-in rate, increasing customer engagement. Customers quickly learned more about the product and became familiar with the brand, increasing trust and loyalty. The convenience of rapidly reordering the product directly from the Storyline page also led to a 27% reorder rate from the initial sales through third-party channels.

The digital experience lets customers reengage with the brand whenever they make a cup of tea. Consumers could return and explore additional products in their own time, and Yazoo could easily update the content and creativity of the Storylines without reprinting product packaging and marketing assets, a big win and cost savings.

Here's how Oliver Luckett, Yazoo Yaupon Founder, described the partnership with Digiphy.

“Digiphy created a new marketing channel for Yazoo Yaupon to engage customers and share the company's history, recipes, and brand story. Overall, Digiphy is an incredibly cost-effective and efficient solution for digital content. As a startup, we have limited resources and money, so Digiphy gave us all we needed to connect, capture and encourage commerce."


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