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Digiphy and Santigold's Sensory Symphony: Redefining the Artist/Fan Relationship

Santigold teamed up with Digiphy, using QR codes on her tea packaging, leading fans to a music-filled Storyline experience.

  • Challenge: Santigold needed a seamless way to connect with fans in a complete digital experience to promote her music, merch, podcast, and fan club. 
  • Solution: Digiphy QR codes were added across Spirituals tea packaging, leading listeners to a Storyline where they can immerse themselves in Santigold's music while drinking a cup of tea.
  • Results: Santigold's Storyline resulted in a 14% email opt-in, 61% engagement rate, and 12% purchase rate.


Santigold's Story

Santigold is a genre-defying musician and visionary artist, across multiple platforms, who is renowned for her ability to fuse unexpected elements in her boundaryless work.

With her new album, Spirituals, Santigold aimed to redefine the artist/fan relationship by creating a groundbreaking multisensory experience for her listeners. To do this, Santigold launched her Spirituals tea line. Combining the spicy and floral flavors of the tea and inhaling its enticing aroma while listening to Santigold's music immerses her audience in a memorable and holistic artistic journey. While, at the same time, she connected listeners to her Tiny Desk podcast, merch, and fan club using a QR digital experience.


Music artists struggle to connect directly with their audience. They rely on third parties to drive sales, build audiences, and manage their brand and products.

Santigold is shattering the music industry status quo by releasing her album herself and taking control of her product and merch sales. To accomplish this, Santigold needed a way to communicate directly with her audience and bring together her Spirituals line of tea, her music, podcast, and fan club in one location. She wanted to elevate her multisensory experience digitally and needed a solution to help her tea customers discover her music directly from the tins.


Santigold partnered with Digiphy to bridge the gap between her tea and music with a content-driven commerce experience. By leveraging Digiphy's QR codes and Storylines on her Spirituals tea packaging, Santigold achieved a seamless integration of taste, scent, sound, and touch, effectively connecting her tea and music digitally directly to fans.

Upon scanning the Digiphy QR codes, customers landed on a Digiphy Storyline, where they could engage with Santigold's music and learn more about Spirituals tea. Digiphy's Storylines allow users to explore all things Santigold. They can access additional content related to the album, such as behind-the-scenes videos, interviews, exclusive merchandise offerings, listen to her podcast Tiny Desk, discover new shows, and join the fan club.


Digiphy's innovative solution successfully achieved remarkable results for Santigold and her brand.

  • The QR codes on Spirituals tea packaging received high interest and scan from fans, resulting in an impressive 14% email opt-in rate.
  • Fans spent time exploring Santigold's Digiphy Storylines for music and related content leading to an engagement rate of 61%.
  • Sales for tea and merch are directly accessible from her Digiphy Storylines; Santigold has a 12% purchase rate.

With Digiphy, Santigold is again blazing a new trail and reimagining the artist/fan relationship by directly engaging her audience through unique and interactive digital experiences. Santigold leverages Digiphy's no-code, easy-to-use marketing technology to communicate directly with fans without needing expensive development teams.

Santigold can now manage her entire brand ecosystem — music, products, podcast, merch, fan club, and more — into one user-friendly digital experience. Through content-driven commerce paired with targeted, actionable insights, she facilitates direct customer engagement to understand her audience better and own the fan relationship.


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