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Smokin' Success: Corky's BBQ Sizzles with 3x Customer Engagement

Explore how Corky's BBQ franchise transformed its drive-thru with Digiphy, achieving a remarkable 15% email opt-in rate to enhance customer engagement.

Case Study TLDR

  • Challenge: The traditional drive-thru experience left Corky's with little-to-no direct customer engagement and even less consumer data.
  • Solution: Corky's partnered with Digiphy to create an interactive QR-activated drive-thru experience by offering discounts and promotions to gather email addresses.
  • Results: Corky’s BBQ gained thousands of email signups by combining Digiphy's connected marketing technology with a clear customer incentive and relevant call-to-action, driving a +15% email opt-in rate. (compared to a 1-5% average email opt-in rate for traditional websites)


Corky's BBQ Backstory

For over 30 years, Corky's has been an iconic go-to for its Memphis-style BBQ and southern hospitality. The franchise is a leading seller on QVC and has locations across four states. To top it off, Corky's was voted the #1 BBQ joint in Memphis 22 times.

The Challenge


Corky's initially partnered with Digiphy to update their traditional drive-thru experience. Typically, drive-thru customers have only a few touchpoints with the brand: when they place and receive their orders and look at signage or available specials. These interactions, however, often yield limited brand engagement, consumer data, and insights.

Given the high volume of customers going through their drive-thrus daily, Corky's wanted to seize this unique opportunity to maximize customer loyalty. They wanted a seamless marketing solution to build brand awareness without being overly aggressive. The goal was to increase customer engagement and build Corky’s mailing list with a contextually relevant drive-thru experience.

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QR for Food & Beverage

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The Digiphy Solution

Corky's and Digiphy bridged the physical drive-through experience with Corky’s digital content. When customers pull into the drive-thru, they can scan a QR code that takes them to an interactive Digiphy Storyline page. In addition to viewing drive-thru-specific specials and menu items, customers can earn a free banana pudding in exchange for signing up for Corky's email list. The caveat? Customers can only redeem the incentive in the drive-thru, making for a timely conversion.


A Recipe for Remarkable Results

Corky's is driving a staggering 15% email opt-in rate—several times higher than the industry average of 1-5%. In the months since they launched the campaign, they’ve gained thousands of email subscribers and have obtained valuable first-party customer insights that they otherwise wouldn't be able to capture.

Corky's success has led the restaurant to implement Digiphy experiences for dine-in customers at their restaurants. They have also created and capitalized on new moments in the customer journey, such as a post-purchase e-commerce insert for online orders and a Storyline for viewers shopping on QVC.

By connecting the physical and digital with Digiphy, Corky's has a clear view of their audience, dramatically increased customer loyalty, and improved their digital marketing campaign targeting.

Or, as Jimmy Stovall, Corky's COO, puts it:

The response to our new QR marketing program with Digiphy has far exceeded my expectations. This program allows us to create content and tell our story directly to our customers. That correlates with how they enjoy our BBQ. Whether our customers are waiting in our drive-thru line, sitting at a table in the dining room, or opening their eCommerce package at home (we ship BBQ anywhere in the US), we provide relevant content with Digiphy."


With Digiphy, Corky's has implemented an innovative approach that complements its existing marketing strategy and creates new avenues of customer engagement. The strength of Digiphy’s no-code, easy-to-use marketing technology is its ability to pair context-driven content with targeted, actionable insights to facilitate direct customer engagement.


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