The Power of Sustainable Storytelling: Pacha, Soli, and Digiphy

Pacha Soap Co and Soli Essential Oils teamed up with Digiphy to create QR-connected packaging to share their mission of sustainability.


  • Challenge: Soli and Pacha needed a way to communicate their sustainable practices and build customer trust.
  • Solution: Soli implemented Digiphy QR-activated packaging accompanied by a Digiphy Storyline sharing their ethical, environmental, and sustainable process.
  • Results: 30% of Soli's product inventory have been scanned, demonstrating evidence that consumers use QR to shop with confidence.

Soli & Pacha's Story

Pacha Soap Co. and their sister brand Soli Essential Oils, are rooted in sustainability and social good. Pacha and Soli champion regenerative farming practices, advocate for supply chain transparency and innovate in a highly regulated industry. Soli's products are distilled from a single source and fully traceable using blockchain technology.

The Challenge:

Essential oils, like other naturally-derived products, are plagued by counterfeit knockoffs, corporate greenwashing, and exploitative supply chain practices. This high-fraud sector has led to an increase in consumer skepticism. Soli and Pacha needed a way to communicate directly with customers and build trust.

The Solution:

Soli partnered with Digiphy to authentically share their sustainable product story instilling consumer trust. Given the limited space on their product packaging, Soli needed an easy and efficient way to engage and educate consumers. The result: Digiphy-connected packaging.

Digiphy QR-activated packaging takes consumers beyond the label on all of Soli's products. With a quick scan, Soli bridges the physical and digital elements connecting consumers to their products' origin story and the brand's social and environmental commitments. Digiphy QR-connected packaging created new opportunities for consumer engagement.

The Results:

Thousands of shoppers scanned the Digiphy QR code on Soli products, which led them to Soli's Digiphy Storylines. To date, nearly 30% of the product inventory has been scanned. Shoppers discovered that Soli aligns with their values and can purchase confidently, while Soli also gained a direct connection to their consumers.

Here's how Shaelyn Crutchley, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer at Pacha Soap Co., described Soli and Digiphy's partnership.

"With Pacha Soap Co's subsidiary, Soli, we built a brand that focuses on premium all-natural ingredients, sustainable sourcing, and transparency. Digiphy helped us activate our product packaging and in-store displays, so we can educate consumers on our unique origin and sustainability story, increasing trust and fostering engagement."

See how Digiphy can open a new marketing channel for brands to engage with customers directly. Digiphy QR codes on product packages and in-store displays elevate stories of ingredient origin and sustainability to educate customers on transparency and environmental practices, building trust.

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