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Why CPG Beauty & Personal Care Brands Need QR-Connected Packaging

Learn how beauty brands can share their story, product catalog, unique values, sourcing, and more to elevate their current marketing strategies.

QR is opening up an entirely new marketing channel that stands apart from traditional marketing strategies. Beauty brands need to implement innovative technology to stay relevant, reach new customers, and unlock new revenue.

A 2018 study commissioned by Conde Nast found that 80% of consumers spend most of the purchase journey in the research and information-gathering phase, and many look for this information while shopping in stores. These knowledgeable shoppers want beauty products that meet their care needs and match their personal beliefs.

QR marketing is the easiest way for consumers to research products beyond the label while shopping. Brands can share their story, product catalog, unique value proposition, sourcing, and other key differentiators elevating their current marketing strategies.

Boost CPG beauty & personal care online sales

According to Statista, in 2021, cosmetic brands recorded that over 59.8% of product sales were purchased from mobile devices meaning that brands need to put a renewed focus on their digital and mobile experience. Scanning a QR code bridges the gap between the in-hand product to the brand's digital presence.

For example, product samples are an excellent way for shoppers to try a new beauty product. After trying it, if consumers like the product, they can scan the QR code on the packaging. It's a quick and easy way to find and purchase full-size products online, research product ingredients and origins, get tips, and consider similar products.

A QR code scan should give consumers a contextual experience about the in-hand product. Brands can communicate directly with consumers, ultimately driving online sales through a new marketing channel.

Communicate clean, traceable beauty

Shoppers are more attuned to what they are putting both in and on their bodies —and the impact the product and its ingredients have on the planet. Roughly 40% of consumers search for beauty products made with natural ingredients. But these details are tough to fit on the small packages standard for beauty and personal care products. Adding QR codes to products and packaging simplifies sharing relevant information with consumers past the label.

Putting information at the consumers' fingertips when they need it, beauty brands streamline the path to purchase. There's no need to spend unnecessary time Googling information or searching ingredient-ranking websites to decipher which reviews and websites you can trust.

Beyond simply including ingredients, QR code traceability combat counterfeits. Did you know the beauty and personal care industry loses $5.4B in sales yearly? Beauty brands can implement QR codes across products and packaging to verify authenticity.

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Build a beauty brand community

Influencers and social media are essential to beauty brands. It leads back to the need for consumer-created content to nurture existing customers while gaining new ones. But getting consumers to create and post content is a challenging feat.

Offer loyalty programs and rewards in one QR scan. Instead of linking QR to a social platform like YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, it's a better consumer and brand experience to connect to a mobile-optimized experience where you can build a meaningful direct relationship with the shopper, capture valuable data and insights and even drive a sale. Brands can promote exclusivity by being a part of the community giving shoppers the inside scoop on new or limited-stock products. It cuts down on marketing spend and fosters long-term brand loyalty.

Drive user-generated content

Consumer-created content is a major driver for shoppers. 62% of consumers want brands to incorporate content from fellow customers on their websites. Content includes videos, tutorials, uses, unboxings, reviews, and more.

A QR scan on a product directs shoppers to where they can write reviews and upload videos on their recent purchases. QR-enabled beauty products enhance the retail experience by readily serving up reviews with a single scan, once again eliminating the hassle consumers go through navigating the internet to find this information.

Measure marketing effectiveness

In 2022, beauty brands spent $7.7B on advertising. Companies need to measure the efficacy of these campaigns, but measuring a marketing campaign's success is challenging. QR is a strategic method to gauge if customers interact with marketing materials such as shelf talkers, print campaigns, billboards, TV ads, and other traditional marketing campaigns.

For example, if a beauty brand runs print ads in various magazines. For each magazine, the brand can use a different QR code. The QR data tells the brand which publication drives the highest engagement, accelerates sales, and shows what products shoppers want.

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Capture zero-party data

For beauty brands, zero-party data helps build accurate customer profiles. QR codes linked to conversion-optimized landing pages make gathering data and interacting with customers easily. Capturing valuable data such as demographics, purchasing habits, customer feedback, and preferences helps brands find new sales avenues. Each QR and landing page allows brands to create a new marketing channel to build compelling campaigns tailored to consumers' interests, skincare types, routines, and more.

Use the data for retargeting consumers to create look-alike audiences. Retarget those that engage with your QR codes on social or with Google Ads based on where consumers scanned the QR code or the ad/product they scanned.

Get started with Digiphy

Beauty brands must incorporate QR codes into campaigns to capture and keep consumers' attention. Reach your customers and unlock new revenue using Digiphy. We combine QR codes with dynamic, contextual Storyline pages so beauty and personal care CPG brands can connect with customers across a new cost-effective marketing channel.

QR Scans on packaging let brands collect valuable insights, send promotions and offers, grow their customer base, extend outreach, share transparency and traceability efforts, capture reviews and feedback, and more.

Increase CPG beauty and personal care reach with Digiphy

Share skincare tips, makeup tutorials, customer reviews, and related products to reach customers directly through powerful physical-to-digital experiences using Digiphy's no-code modular and highly customizable digital pages.

Collect zero-party data with Digiphy

Quickly gather customers' emails using Digiphy's built-in email module in a few clicks. Integrate Digiphy Storylines with your existing marketing analytics platforms - Google & Meta - to track customer information in a single platform, re-market, and A/B test promotions to improve overall digital marketing effectiveness.

Promote sustainability with Digiphy

Digiphy QR-connected Storylines help brands communicate their commitment to sustainability, ingredient origins, and ethical sourcing. Integrate traceability information via GS1, .xls, and a blockchain solution- into your Storylines so consumers can verify these claims.

Collect CPG analytics with Digiphy

Gather customer data from every physical touch point. Any data will flow directly into your CRM. Digiphy's in-platform reporting and analytics eliminate third-party retailers to directly engage customers and build an omnichannel view of your audience with integrated attribution. Capture audience analytics and critical insights such as geography and demographics during different phases of the consumer cycle.

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