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Why CPG Food & Beverage Brands Need QR-Connected Packaging

Explore how food and beverage CPG companies can wield QR codes to connect with customers, increase sales, gather zero-party data, and more.

In 2021, grocery made up 44% of consumer packaged goods (CPG) e-commerce. And it's only growing. To keep up with the competition, CPG food and beverage companies need to take a contextual and innovative approach to connect with their customers digitally. Connected packaging encourages interactions between shoppers and the product by activating the code with a mobile device. QR conversion-optimized pages are a great way to do this.

CPG businesses can reach customers everywhere their products are sold by adding QR codes to packaging. Importantly, QR allows customers to access the information they need at pivotal purchasing moments. Let's explore how CPG businesses can wield QR codes to connect with customers, increase sales, gather zero-party data, and more.

Tracking CPG analytics + attribution in marketing dead zones

According to the International Food Infomation Council, 94% of Americans say front-of-package (FOP) food labels influence their purchasing decisions. For CPG food and beverage brands, product packaging is an opportunity to engage customers directly and share relevant contextual information. By activating packaging with connected technology like QR, a brand can create an always-on marketing channel transforming the package into a dynamic, digital salesperson.

QR codes connected to contextual landing pages provide analytics and attribution tracking that is difficult to achieve from third-party retailers without spending thousands to access their data. Brands can track scanned codes, what information resonates with shoppers, product reviews, and more to drive (re)orders and other marketing objectives.

Collect CPG analytics with Digiphy

Digiphy activates food and beverage packaging with QR-linked, contextual landing pages to track customers across every physical touchpoint. Our in-platform reporting and analytics remove retailers as the middleman to directly engage customers and build an omnichannel view of your audience with integrated attribution. Capture audience analytics, zero-party data, and other vital insights such as geography and demographics during different phases of the consumer cycle.

Grow customer base for CPG food and beverage

Brands are constantly vying for customers' attention. That's why omnichannel marketing is necessary for CPG food and beverage companies looking to extend their outreach and grow their customer base. Connected technology, like QR codes, bridge the gap between your physical product and digital presence, creating an always-on digital marketing channel for your brand.

Additionally, because it's faster and easier to access product information, QR codes help food and beverage companies reach new and untapped markets. For example, a chicken brand could include a QR code on its packaging that takes customers to a recipe or cooking tutorial that uses that specific type of chicken. Customers can find more brand information, such as relevant information about the brand's ethos. Examples include videos of the chickens raised on the farm, verifying sustainability and carbon claims, and tracing the supply chain. CPG food and beverage companies can deliver a more meaningful and engaging consumer experience.

Increase CPG food and beverage reach with Digiphy

Tell your brand's unique story beyond the label. Share recipes, cooking tips, videos, reviews, and related products to curate powerful physical-to-digital experiences that reach customers directly using Digiphy's no-code modular and highly customizable digital pages.

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Digiphy for CPG food & beverage brands

Shortcut the distance between products and shoppers with Digiphy QR + Storyline pages. Share relevant content at every customer touchpoint.



Untitled design (2)-1

Digiphy for CPG food & beverage brands

Shortcut the distance between products and shoppers with Digiphy QR + Storyline pages. Share relevant content at every customer touchpoint.


Capture CPG zero-party data

CPG food and beverage companies need zero-party data to better understand customer needs and preferences. Shockingly, many brands - big and small - have limited email databases. For almost a decade, brands haven't needed to capture zero-party data as third-party cookies successfully enabled brands to reach their target audience digitally at low acquisition costs. With the privacy changes (GDPR and IDFA), brands need to prioritize zero-party data capture. QR codes and conversion-optimized landing pages from product packaging make it easy to gather data and interact with their customers.

For example, a soda company polls customers on their favorite flavors. To participate, individuals must share their email. The brand learns which flavors are popular while gaining critical zero-party data. The company can use these learnings to recommend similar beverages, drive reorders, and offer timely promotions.

Gather zero-party data with Digiphy

Digiphy's built-in email module makes it easy for customers to share their email addresses with a few clicks. Additionally, brands can track real-time analytics using third-party marketing integrations in a single platform to A/B test promotions and improve the customer experience. A key component of zero-party data is offering rewards and discounts to gather customer information.


What is zero-party data? Why is it important?

Learn the ins and outs of zero-party data collection with Digiphy. 



Cultivate customer loyalty

Award offers and coupons to products via QR codes to encourage customer engagement and build brand loyalty. Through QR-delivered rewards and discounts, food and beverage CPG brands can increase sales from the product itself regardless if the shopper is at home or standing in the store.

For example, a cookie company can offer a discount or free product to customers who scan the QR code, inspiring a sense of goodwill and incentivizing customers to purchase from the brand again.

Update rewards as needed with Digiphy

Digiphy QR codes give CPG brands real-time information about current promotions, rewards, and redemptions, including the number of scans and engagements a product receives. By rotating promotions and A/B testing, brands can easily understand what resonates with consumers. With Digiphy, it's possible to know which QR codes and Storyline page content is effective.

As a no-code page-builder, Digiphy makes it easy for food and beverage CPG brands to update and rotate promotions without changing the QR code on the physical package. It's more cost-effective than reprinting and updating packaging for each new promotion campaign.

Sharing Transparency and Traceability Efforts

One way CPG food and beverage companies can grow their business is to share their brand's transparency and traceability efforts with customers using QR codes. A recent study found that 55% of customers are more likely to purchase packaged food if it mentions sustainability. However, another study found that 42% of sustainability claims are exaggerated or deceptive today, leading to low consumer trust.

QR codes on packaging can inform customers about the supply chain, ingredient sourcing, the production process, and environmental impact. CPG brands that share this information build trust and credibility with customers and make it easy for brands to show, not tell, consumers about their practices. Consumers can instantly have access to the information they need to make better purchasing decisions for people and the planet.

Promote sustainability with Digiphy

Our no-code platform makes it easy to craft QR-connected Storylines that showcase your commitment to sustainable product sourcing, informing and validating your customers' purchasing decisions. Additionally, it's possible to integrate traceability information wherever it's tracked and stored - via GS1, .xls, and a blockchain solution- into your Storylines so consumers can verify these claims.

Get started with Digiphy

As QR codes continue growing in popularity, food, and beverage brands must incorporate them into their overall marketing strategy to capture and keep consumers' attention and purchasing power. It's essential to stay competitive in a saturated market.

Digiphy QR codes paired with dynamic content landing pages are valuable for food and beverage CPG brands looking to connect with their customers. Featuring QR codes across packaging, you can collect valuable insights, send promotions and offers, grow your customer base, extend your outreach, and share your transparency and traceability efforts.


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